Watch movies over the internet

In the past you used to go to the video store to rent a movie. Today this also can be completed via the internet. Read here how you can watch movies online conveniently.

Streaming illegal website bad idea

It is good to know that it is legal to watch a movie online – anywhere. Even though the website doesn’t pay anything for putting the movie online, streaming a movie from an illegal website won’t have any consequences for you. If you were to upload a movie yourself, you would be committing a criminal offense. So don’t do this.

But those were also the advantages of watching movies via a non-legal website. For the rest, there are only drawbacks. First, have you ever thought about the consequences of watching movies online without paying for them? If you do not pay, the makers of the film will not receive any money. If they don’t make money from a movie, then they don’t have the money to make new movies. Do you want to support this? Another drawback to the illegal movie websites is the large number of advertisements during the streamed movies.

Watch movies online legally better idea

However, for a small amount per month you will no longer suffer from this. There are good websites where you can legally watch movies online for a small amount. So here you will not be bothered by annoying commercials and you can at least be sure that you are not hurting the film industry by watching a film. You can pay an amount for a movie, but it is often also possible to transfer a monthly amount, so that you can watch movies online for free all month.

Legal websites to watch movies online

The most famous Dutch legal website for watching movies is You only pay one and a half euros to watch a movie online. For just under 10 euros you can even watch unlimited online movies for a month. Fmovies is also a useful site for watching movies online. Here too you pay a small amount for a film or per month and you can choose from an arsenal of very strong films!

Another website is vimeo. This website is so special because it is free yet legal to watch a movie online. If you want to watch a movie you have to participate in a survey of an advertisement. You then have to rate an ad here to watch a movie for free. In addition, there is also the option to watch a film for a fee, so that you do not have to participate in such advertising surveys.


Finally, it will be a while before Netflix arrives in the Netherlands. This is the largest movie website in the world for watching online movies. The site also has by far the most online movies to watch. For just under ten euros per month you can watch unlimited films for a month on this website.

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