Reason of acquiring a good RDP

If you need more functions to manage your websites and root access for Linux servers or administrative access for Windows server, virtual servers can be your best partner to develop your business. Buy RDP server with instant activation. 

Instant virtual private server

With a virtual server, you have the power of a dedicated server with the privacy and security you need at a much lower cost! Now you can buy a cheap VPS server in minutes! It is easy and simple. You have the option of purchasing a virtual private server in more than 12 different locations. You can buy Linux Virtual Private Server or Windows Virtual Private Server online with Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

What exactly RDP is?

Remote Desktop or as it is also known, RDP or RDC, is the tool with which a user connects to a VPS or Windows server. Many times the concept is not well understood and therefore, here is a brief explanation of how remote desktop works. It is a very easy-to-use tool, and the only thing you need to connect to your server is the server’s IP, the username, and the password that is provided at the time you buy the service of a VPS or Windows dedicated server.

On your computer, if you are using a Windows computer, you can find the Remote Desktop from the Start menu. You can click on start and then on view programs, where the list of programs installed on your computer will appear. Find the “Accessories” folder and click on it with your pointer. Inside this folder you will see the option called “Remote Desktop Connection”, you can select this option which will open in a window on your screen.

How to connect and find the resources?

Once this window is open, it will ask you for the IP of the server or computer you want to connect to. But first, a couple of options need to be changed in the configuration. It has an arrow at the bottom left of the screen that says “Options” or “Options” that you can click on. This will open a couple of extra options in the same window, choose the tab called “Local Resources” or “Local Resources”. In these options, click on the button that says “More” or “More” and click on the checkbox that the screen shows you. Once this is done, you can proceed to connect to the server.

Return to the general tab and enter the IP of the server that happens to be given to you by mail once you have purchased the VPS service or server with the user that also is provided to you. Now give the button “Connect” or “Connect” and this will open a screen where it will show the server. Inside the server, it will also ask for a username and password, also present in the welcome email sent by the company. Once logged in, you will connect to the remote computer and can start working.

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