Cooking on Camp: Choosing The Right Stove

For a lot of first time campers, the list of important items to bring along will range from the big things like the right boots to wear and the tent itself to smaller things such as medication and the right clothes to wear at the trip. However, what a lot of them do not consider is the fact that you need a source of cooking at the campsite otherwise you and everyone else that you cam with will be starving throughout the duration of the trip.

Snacks for camp will not last forever and are not the sort of fuel you need for a trip that will cause you to exert such a high amount of energy. This is why it is very important to have a good backpacking stove with you on the trip so that you and your friends can sit down at night and have something to eat around the campfire.

So there are a lot of different types of camping stoves and grills that you can take with you but what you need to know is which one will be the best for you. So a couple of things to keep in consideration are the fuel requirements, the size and weight, and the amount of time it can run on a cylinder of gas or propane. You can find stoves that have a double top and ones that give you all sorts of fancy cooking options, or you could take a single burner stove that is easier to use but gives less functionality. Each has their own purpose. If you are in a regular and comfortable campsite then a fancier one may be the better option, but if you are properly in the wilderness and plan on moving about then the smaller ones are best.

Fin Kon